As a technology-driven, aggressive and innovative company, Shanghai Transchem Technology is specialized in chemical industry, with core business in providing custom synthesis and technical service. Relying on its professional R&D team and state-of-the-art analytical instruments, and the pilot production base in Yangzhou city, Transchem provides global customers custom synthesis from grams scale to production on tons lot. It also provides technical service including process optimization and problem-shooting in synthesis and production.

Transchem’s experienced R&D team reacts proficiently whenever customers’ needs arise, not only focused on customers’ current needs, but also long-term development and related demands as well, committed to providing customers package solutions and one-stop services.

With the access to specialized and up-to-date chemical database, the R&D team can understand and follow the latest trend of frontier pharmaceutical/pesticides giants and to provide intermediates synthesis for such companies. Besides, new material field is the other focus of the company, including intermediates for LED encapsulation materials and liquid crystal materials, and new light stabilizers and flame retardants.

Transchem’s specialists have rich experience in processes covering fluorination, oxidation, halogen exchange and purification of high boiling point products, and provide customers products including fluorine-containing pharmaceutical intermediates and materials, new UV absorbers and specialty epoxy resins.

Featured in its cutting-edge technology service, specialization in the field and innovation spirit, Transchem is dedicated to grow together with customers by delivering quality products and values beyond chemicals.